My work is rooted in the thematic intersection of storytelling and narrative, exploring the artistic harmony and dissonance that results when unsuspecting elements are combined or drawn back to expose what lies beneath. My recent work is drawn from experiences growing up in a small hamlet of rural Ontario stranded in time, its name a tragic reminder of a still unsolved mystery. Over the years, these narratives have matured, and in doing so transgressed their original truths, eloping down new creative avenues.

I have been a ceramic artist for 25 years. I have exhibited in the Southwest Ontario Ceramics Biennale, the 4th Ceramics Annual of America, the 9e Biennale de Céramique, and Canadian Clay Currents at the Pyramid Arts Centre. I have worked as Administrative Director to the Colart Collection, as assistant to the artists’ Yehouda Chaki and Steven Schofield and currently teach at the University of Western Ontario.


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