No Boundaries Changed

Battle of the Thames re-enactment 2013

A site specific project based in a life-long fascination with all things war-related, wargaming culture, and previous interactive work that drew a Zen monk community into a group artwork. For this project, I asked visitors and re-enactors at the Battle of the Thames to become participants in creating a series of clay sculptures of their own devising using pre-formed hand-size clay replicas representing both military and everyday life of 1813. The hand-size clay replicas comprised 6 forms: 3 wargame icons— cannons, a horseman, and foot soldiers, and 3 articles of daily life— ladles, candles, and pitchers.

I built the basic frame, but have to extend my thanks to the many children (including my daughter Minerva), and lone adult, a paramedic, who got their hands dirty and participated.

Final Sculptures
The re-enactment